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Dr. Carry understands that it is important for a patient to find a location that is convenient for them to fulfill their care plan with a Chiropractor. Our Patients also ask us to refer for a friend or family member after getting great results with Chiropractic Care.

For your Convenience, here is a list of Chiropractors in Southern California in which Dr. Carry would trust his health and the health of his family:

Orange County

Lake Forest Chiropractor - Dr. Micah Hamilton

Long Beach Chiropractor - Dr. Nick Reiff

Newport Beach Chiropractor - Dr. Daniel Garcia D.C.

Los Angeles County

El Segundo Chiropractor - Dr. Mathew DeVille

Note: If there is a location that is not listed here please feel free to contact Dr. Carry at He is able to find you a Chiropractor with a great reputation if you cannot come to our Chiropractic Office in Redondo Beach.