Goodlife Chiropractic

Lunch 'N Learn Workshops

With Dr. David Carry, D.C. - Redondo Beach Chiropractor

These workshops are known as “Lunch and Learns” because they are done during the lunch hour. They can also be schedules before or after work hours. We often can provide a free lunch when requested and when an exact head count is given two days prior.

1. Stress

Stress is also know as the “silent killer” and is the number one trigger to heart attack. Heart attacks kill more Americans in the United States than any other disease. Learn how to avoid the initial start to a heart attack and heart disease overall with this all important lecture. In corporate settings we will raffle off a free one-hour massage to help with stress and increase employee morale. It creates a fun lunch and some excitement! This is Dr. David’s favorite workshop.

2. Headaches

Dr. David Carry is known as a headache specialist and enjoys teaching people how they can avoid having terrible headaches in a medicine-free environment instead of trying to cope with the wear and tear they put on your body. Even one headache a month will equate to almost two weeks of your life every year being lived in unnecessary pain. We have the solution to 90% of all headaches! We will decode your headaches, classify them, and show home remedies you can implement right away!

3. Nutrition / Weight Loss and Eating for Maximum Performance

This workshop explains the proper methods of combining appropriate food groups for optimum digestion, maximum energy and also, if sensibly applied, will result in weight loss for those that need to shed some extra pounds. He also uncovers the secrets to fueling your immune system and eating to decrease your risk of cancer! This is a rare lecture in that we will actually show you how NOT to become a patient of any Doctor.

4. Healthy Living to 100

You can learn how people are living longer and with a better quality of life. During this workshop Dr. David will apply the techniques he uses with pro baseball players on improving quality of life and will apply them to the “corporate athlete” like you. Learn how to live without any limits. “Live Like You Mean It!”

5. Healthy Eating on the Run!

Today’s busy schedules make for bad eating habits through fast foods. Corporate Workers also suffer from increased incidence of illness and disease from bad eating habits. This lunch & learn is perfect for workers who are often on the run and choose less nutrient dense foods because of time constraints. This is a must for the longevity of a productive employee or person.

6. Newest Solutions to Fibromyalgia

Approximately 3.7 million American have Fibromyalgia. That is one in every 73 people. Fibromyalgia is now the second most common rheumatic ailment behind osteoarthritis. It is often considered a symptom of poor overall health. Past procedures involved heavily medicating the patient so that they do not feel their symptoms which poses the danger of causing further damage to the body’s frame and overall health. Learn the newest breakthroughs in the world of this not well understood debilitating condition.

7. Natural Solutions to Osteoporosis

This workshop’s title explains it all! Osteoporosis has become a popular topic due to its increasing prevalence. In the United States, we spend over 15 billion dollars on osteoporosis and it’s effect. This workshop will give nutritional, lifestyle and supplementation tips on how to keep your bones strong and fracture free,