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Can your Chiropractor help your colic baby or fussy baby?

My baby cries all the time. Could it be colic?

Redondo Beach Chiropractor - Dr. David E. Carry Explains how Chiropractors can help with fussy baby syndrome or colic babies.

If you have a baby that is uncontrollably crying and otherwise healthy it may be Colic.  If your baby is less than 6 months old and cries for more than a few hours in a row for three or more days a week up to three weeks, chances are he's colicky.

Symptoms of a colicky baby


  • Since colicky babies can’t tell you exactly where there pain is, it can be hard for parents to know the exact stress to them, but it is usually from digestive disturbance with intense spasmodic cramping.

  • Cries uncontrollably for long periods, despite any efforts of consoling.

  • Symptoms are around the same time each day or night.

  • Cries usually after meal times and often ending as abruptly as they began.

  • Shows signs of gas discomfort and abdominal bloating

  • Stomach is hard and distended, with knees pulled to the chest, flailing arms and legs, and an arched back.


Chiropractic care can be very valuable in helping to calm the colic babies.

If you have a colicky baby that has not been responding to other forms of treatment, you may want to take your baby to a chiropractor for a check-up.

As your child is being born, the vertebrae in the neck and back can go out of alignment due to the intense stretching and compressing of their body as it enters into the world. The chances of vertebral misalignment can be greater if your delivery was traumatic, included a prolonged pushing stage, forceps or vacuum extraction, or other form of assisted delivery. If enough pressure is applied to the soft and delicate nervous system of your baby, it can become compromised leading to improper nerve flow and disrupt digestive functions.

The treatment of chiropractic is very safe and gentle pressure is used to areas of the spine.  You may even see your baby completely relax right before your very eyes as the misalignments are corrected.

Studies on babies receiving chiropractic care for colic has shown 94 percent of parents saw improvement in their baby's behavior within two weeks of onset of care. More than half of these babies had already been unsuccessfully treated, mainly by pharmacological means (1). Another study found 91 percent of babies experienced a reduction in colicky behavior following as little as two chiropractic adjustments (2).



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